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Trend Report: Rugs on Rugs

Layering is a technique we are all familiar with.  We layer outfits adding scarves, sweaters, multiple shirts, and more.  We plan and purchase multiple bracelets, bangles, and watches to wear on our wrists.  We carefully pick out several necklaces to drape over our necks. We agonize over the perfect throws and pillows to lay on our couches.  We obsess over finding the perfect rings to stack on our fingers.  Even when making a salad or plate of food, we pick things that go together!  Today we talk about how to layer rugs.

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The Best Greeting Cards I Always Keep In Stock

In an age where everything is digital, there is nothing more satisfying than receiving a physical hand written card in the mail.  Call me old fashioned if you like.  I love cards.  I just do. Think about the last time you checked your mail.  My guess would be that it was filled with bills, promotional mailers, and magazine subscriptions.  Am I right?  Do you remember the last time you got a handwritten note in the mix?  It probably really stuck out from the piles of riffraff in there… 

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