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50 Copper Kitchen Accessories

There was a point about 5 years ago when GOLD was the go-to accent color for housewares.  You couldn't pick up a catalog without seeing this metal on everything: coasters, furniture, picture frames, lamps, and more.  In the last few years however, COPPER has hit the scene in a major way.  Below are some great copper kitchen accessories.  I love a few copper accents in a kitchen mixed with other metals!

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Flower Inspiration: Forget Me Not

Ever wonder where they came up with the name for forget-me-not flowers?  The legend is that in medieval times a knight was walking beside a river with his lady-love and carrying a bouquet of flowers.  He was in all of his armor, and it was very heavy causing him at one point to fall into the water.  The legend goes on to say that as he was being carried away by the current he tossed the flowers to his love yelling for her to forget-me-not.

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